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July 10, 2009
Between a Palace
& a Pigsty?

I was just thinking what way I approach such stressful situations that a friend emailed me about on her trip to China. How I avoid putting myself in such a depressing & stressful
situ i.e. where she broke down & cried & felt the need to chain smoke to relieve the stress.

I think I subscribe to the saying by that famous gay camp
Quentin Crisp ( Sting wrote a song about him “An English man in New York)
He was also on the Don Lane & Bert Newton show (probably before you were born)
One of his famous sayings is something like “Don't work in a pigsty if you want to be a ballet dancer because after a while you will get used to it”
I guess I want to be a "ballet dancer" & have stayed out of
those terrible situations where I know I would not fit in & also have n
ot tried to "bite off more than I can chew" either.

Hence between a palace & the pigsty.

I guess finding that balance between a pigsty & a palace is
my goal. ( I guess she was heading for the palace & was well out of her language depth at that point)

I guess it is great to be a king or a queen but all in good time & effort for us all. (I am saying this more for my sake)

At present I am still struggling to find my place of balance
using my start-ups of Oodles.com & now Quitober.com as my vehicles.
Maybe someday I will get there but it is an interesting struggle for me & still within my realm of comfort/discomfort to not
break down yet.

My deadline is looming though, as I set it to the end of july to
get some interest & some funding to run Quitober.

I have now got the Uni of Southern Qld on board that have officially committed to sponsor their staff & students.
I also am still working on Melb Uni & even had a chat with the Victoria Uni safety officer while up at a Sydney conference of
uni safety officers. They have been throwing around the idea
of going with Quitober for a few months now.

Anyway, I have one last presentation with the Cancer Council's Business Dev people so, fingers crossed, & still lots of debating & pitching to go & we will see what happens.


Any thoughts please reply & I will add it on the page

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On Stress & Finding that Balance


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