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Quit Smoking Month Altogether
The Quitober Challenge 2011 starts in:
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University Staff Members

•  Sue from University of Adelaide says: "Am still hanging in there. Allen Carr's book has been the most help for me. ...I am very clear though that I wouldn't have taken this step had Quitober not come to the UofA, so thank you. "

•  Nicholas from University of Adelaide says : "My advice would be to take one day at a time. I also have not had a drink since I started Quitober and I think that's made a difference."

•  Nicholas from Uni of Adelaide says:  "There is no way I'm going back to smoking.. the challenge has opened my eyes and I now know I don't need to smoke. its great and saving some Dosh toboot thanks Quitober!!"

•  Sue from UA says: "I look forward to the Newsletters, I think because they are positive and have some good ideas in them. My stickers are gradually filling up the month of October calendar I have put on my office door. I think the tough time for me will be after October is over and no one really cares anymore. Then I will really be doing it for myself, by myself which is important but the campaign has been a great kick start. Thanks again."

•  Sue from University of Adelaide says: "I am feeling very positive. I love the newsletters. I am reading Allen Carr's book.Instead of focusing on the misery I was sure I would suffer, I am consciously focusing on positive things. I am feeling VERY good about quitting.
Thank you Des and the team."

•  Helen from Uni of Sth Qld says: " Just to let you know that I'm hanging in there, doing one day at a time.  Most of the day is easy, because you can't smoke at work anyway.  It's the night time that was always worst for me, so I'm now looking for things to keep me busy.  I up to tackling the linen closet tonight!"

•  Erin from Uni of Syd says: "At first I found it hard getting the reminder emails from Quitober..as I'd rather turn my mind away from smoking rather than to.. went to the dentist on Friday thought and he could already tell I've quit smoking... nice not to get the usual lecture :) Thanks for all your work on Quitober :)"

•  Katrya from University of Adelaide: "I wake up and all I want is a smoke and coffee.
I am hoping my brain can turn off because I still have the urge to smoke all day . Every day seems to be getting better. I have found that as I find the smell of smoke disgusting my inclination to partake is diminishing"

•  Nicholas from Uni of Adelaide says: "I like the daily reminders I think they actually help . but I think everyone to their own.. Lucky No. 13. thanks  ;-)"

University Safety Officers

Michael Flannery
Safety Officer USQ
University of Southern Queensland
President, Australasian University Safety Association (AUSA)

"USQ participated in the pilot evaluation with the aim of identifying a program to assist our smokers to quit. With this aim in mind the program was a success and given appropriate advertising next year I expect it will achieve excellent results".

Warwick Bennett
Safety Officer
University of Canberra

"Quitober was a great initiative and a low cost way of providing University of Canberra staff and students the opportunity to quit smoking. Keep up the good work".

Louise Dunn
Safety Officer
University of Adelaide

"The University of Adelaide, as part of our Healthy University Wellbeing Program, provided full sponsorship to staff participants in the Quitober 09 Challenge. 50% of our participants quit for the month, with a view to quitting for good! Feedback from staff throughout the initiative was excellent and the University looks forward to more information about the program in 2010.


Jon D'Astoli
Safety Officer
University of Sydney
Past President, Australasian University Safety Association (AUSA)

" Just a few weeks before "Quitober" we decided to sponsor Sydney Uni employees. The arrangements were made very easy by Quitober and with limited promotion (due to limited time) we had ten smokers register for the challenge. We were very happy with 4 out of 10 quitting for the month. With the support of Quitober we anticipate that this will become an annual event for Sydney University"



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