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Quit Smoking Month Altogether
The Quitober Challenge 2011 starts in:
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Everyone knows that part of the problem for smokers is what to
do with your hands when quitting. Well one way you could try is
to have a Sugarless Lollypop on hand every time you feel like a smoke. And NO, there is no nicotine in these lollypops. They are
sugar and nicotine free.

That way you kill two birds with one lollypop, keeping your hands
& mouth occupied. Worth a try.

And in every Quitober Pack there are 6 Sugarless Co Lollypops.

Points on Quitting:

  • It takes around 21 days to break an old habit
    or form a new one.
  • Everyone is different and so there is no one
    specific "way" to quit.
  • There is no secret to quitting, no easy way, no
    magic bullet. It takes common sense and having
    someone to remind you of the basics while quitting
    would be useful.
  • Mind control & will power are valuable assets when
  • You don't need a grim reaper with a bowling ball
    advert to scare you into quitting, just a
    common sense approach should suffice.
  • Like reminding you that:
    "you are an adult now, and you don't need to impress anyone", or "you don't need smoking to feel normal".
    or "you are stronger than your cravings".
  • You will know when you really want to quit when
    you actually do.


Lollypop Replacements              
Employers can register NOW
Quit smoking during October & go into the draw to win a travel prize ››more.



The Sugarless Co Lollypop Way





























































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