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Quit Smoking Month Altogether
The Quitober Challenge 2011 starts in:
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Below are some of the incentive prizes that sponsored Quitober members can win by participating and successfully quitting during the Quitober Challenge. *Successful Quitters go into the draw to win one of the following prizes below.
* Successful in this case represents quitting for the Quitober Challenge.
We recommend smokers not only quit for Quitober but for good.

  First Prize: Win a flight to SE Asia
What about a break after you have
quit smoking. All members have a
chance to win this prize for themselves
or take $600 cash.

*Sponsor wanted

  Second Prize: Win a 3 day Audi A4 Rental
A chance to win a 3 day rental from
with one of their
luxury car the Audi A4 using Europcar.

  Third Prize: Win a Holiday Apartment retreat:
A chance to win 3 nights at one
of hundreds of locations anywhere in
Australia or New Zealand,
or take $400 cash.

*Sponsor wanted





What is Quitober > Incentive Prizes
Employers can register NOW
Quit smoking during October & go into the draw to win a travel prize



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