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Quit Smoking Month Altogether
The Quitober Challenge 2011 starts in:
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Useful General Links

  1. Tobacco Control Supersite - Quit smoking

  2. WhyQuit - Quit smoking using cold turkey methods

  3. Chapman, MacKenzie,
    Uni of Sydney Paper Unassisted Cessation Neglect
  4. Positively Quit Manual - By Cassius Cheong
    An excellent book that promotes balanced and informed cessation.

  5. Challenge Your Excuses to Quit

  6. Wikipedia, on Quit Smoking

  7. How to help someone quit smoking

  8. More quit smoking tips

  9. New Drugs, Old Drugs, the pharmacotherapy of smoking cessation - Medical Journal Aust

  10. Study - Benefits of Quitting for Women - American Cancer Society & New England Journal of Medicine

  11. How I Quit Smoking - NuHabits

  12. Social network often determines your smoking status - American Cancer Society

  13. Peer pressure helpful for
    quitting - New England Journal

  14. Effects of Zyban/Bupropion & NRT patch on quitting - New England Journal

  15. Smoke-free workplaces

  16. Twitter is an excellent way to share bites when in need of help at any time

  17. Queen Elizabeth Hospital campus helps employees quit at $180 per quitter

  18. UK employers encouraged to assist employees to quit

  19. Betterhealth quitting tips PDFs

  20. About.com-smoking cessation quit tips

  21. Smoking helper blog

  22. Funny smoking lounge pic

  23. UK smoking facts & Allen Carr Video

  24. Yul Brynner (A famous actor, for those
    under 40 )Anti-smoking commercial
Quit Smoking Forums

  1. Quit Smoking Forum - FAQs
    Excellent crowd sourced questions and answers
  2. QuitNet Forum - Excellent resources for quitting
  3. About.com Quit Smoking Forum
    Smoking Cessation support forum
  4. Aust Opinion Forum
    Great Aussie quit smoking forum
  5. eHealth Quit Smoking Forum
    Quit smoking and anxiety forum

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Quit Smoking Links
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