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Quit Smoking Month Altogether
The Quitober Challenge 2011 starts in:
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Canada, Quebec's Quit
to Win Challenge
Going for 10 years with support from their Heart Foundation and
Cancer Society. They had over 16,000 smokers participate this year.

Below are a number of new challenge events that are proving that social networks
and the Internet are making it easier for people to successfully participate and achieve.
Global Corporate Challenge (walking)
With over 60,000 participants, 1000 workplaces and in over 50 countries...
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Movember.com (Grow moustaches)
With over 100,000 members last year,
going 5 years and in 10 countries
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Febfast.com.au (stop drinking)
With over 7000 members last
year going for 3 years...
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Canada, Ontario's Driven to Quit Challenge (smoking)
Over the last 5 years Ontario have run a quit smoking challenge with the support of their Cancer Society
with over 28,000 smokers taking part this year.

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