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Quit Smoking Month Altogether
The Quitober Challenge 2011 starts in:
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Travel Related Incentive Prizes

A chance to win travel related prizes to encourage smokers to participate and to successfully quit smoking during Quitober. Value $1500. ››more

Cassius Cheong's Positively Quit Manual: The Thinking Person's Guide to Stop Smoking
$15.00 AU plus $2 postage

A Copy of Quitober Edition of the Positively Quit Manual by Cassius Cheong
- RRP $18 AU
Cassius Cheong's "Positively Quit Manual" is a guide to quitting smoking for people who need a fresh, new perspective. The advice seems to be extremely relevant to beginning the behavior modification that it requires to finally quit. The manual looks at all the reasons why people smoke including the cognitive and emotional Influencers rather than focusing on nicotine and its replacements. A simple to understand 50 page manual that cuts to the core of why people started to smoke, what kept them smoking, how to quit and stay quit. ››more


Quitober members get One FREE Airflow Amplifier for every Quitober participant. (RRP$20). One of the 4Ds recommended is "Deep Breathing". The Airflow Amplifier encourages this deep breathing. Aeror is the world leader in Aerator Airflow Technology used for Wellness, Health & Fitness activities


Quitober Wristband

Members wear the Quitober Wristband throughout the event to remind you of the challenge & to help keep you on track. If you resume smoking again
we ask you to remove the band.

Sugarless Co
Everyone knows that part of the problem for smokers is what to do with
your hands when quitting. Well one way you could try is to have a Sugarless
Lollypop on hand every time you feel like a smoke....››more


Newsletter & Quit Smoking Tips

Daily newsletter with tips on how to quit & ongoing comments from members' experiences throughout the Quitober Challenge. ››more
  Quitober Challenge Calendar Stickers
The stickers are numbered from 1 to 31 and members can peel the stickers off for each day of the challenge and either wear them or put them on their calendars, computer screens or where ever they feel like it. We don't want to tell you where to stick them!

Have Your Say...

Share your though's, progress, failures, tips and successes as a guest or login through your Twitter or Facebook accounts online forum page.
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Smokers that wish to seek help
over the phone they can call the quitline or visit their local chemist for
information on nicotine replacement.
(Quitober is not funded and remains
independent from Quit and pharmaceutical companies promoting nicotine replacement therapy NRT)
Refer to our philosophy on quitting.

What is Quitober > What Sponsored Members Get
Employers can register NOW
Quit smoking during October & go into the draw to win a travel prize ››more.




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