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Quitober Workplace Health
Results are now online

1st Prize Winner $600: Justin Crawford sponsored by his employer Hume City Council
                          I think the program/Quitober challenge
was fantastic and, certainly, just what I needed to strengthen my resolve to quit for good.

To tell you the truth I didn’t need any more incentive to quit other than knowing that I’d feel a great deal better within myself for both achieving the status of “quit” and not having tobacco smoke in my lungs. So, the potential to win a prize was never considered until the end of October when someone asked me who won.
The prize winning is great and, in actual fact, with the $600 first prize and the savings from not buying cigarettes I’m about $1000 better off now. The benefits just keep coming.

 I hope Quitober grows into an event to rival Movember and that many more are supported in the quest to successfully give up the smokes.
Thanks to all concerned.

This is how Justin would look if we had a photo
of him with his cheque and his Quitober Diploma!
(Real photo coming soon)

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